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Can I Sell my Pension


Can I Sell my Pension? technically the answer is no but if you are 55 or over we can help you access your pension pot anyway. To find out more simply fill in the form to right of the screen.

In the case of divorce part of a pension can be "earmarked" for a spouse. However even then technically the ownership of the pension is not transferred. This applies to "trust-based" and "contract based" pension schemes.  Typically, "Occupational" pension schemes will have "trustees" responsible for the operation of the pension scheme and "personal pensions" in whatever form are constituted with a contract between the the pension provider and the investor. This applies equally to “stakeholder pensions”, “self invested personal pensions (SIPP)”, “executive pensions (EPP)”, “small self administered schemes (SASS) and section 32 pensions or bonds (S32). None these pensions can be sold.

We are aware of companies in the US that claim to be able help those that want “sell their pension”. In these cases essentially the pension owners are selling future cash-flow from pension income. They are not actually "selling their pension".We understand it is usually a requirement that a “life policy” is taken out assigned to the lender but these schemes do not work in the UK.

We are aware of companies operate SIPP’s that will accept a transfer in from a UK based pension and invest in an offshore property development (for example). The property developer will make a lump sum payment to the investor resulting in the investor achieving (to some limited extent) their goal of raising a lump sum before the UK minimum retirement age (for the vast majority of people) of 55. However the cost involved can be very high indeed and the chances of the investor loosing all of their pension fund (because of the development failing) is very high indeed when compared to a typical pension fund investment, in our view. Our experience is that most rational people would not be prepared to accept the risk involved in such schemes. Even in this example the pension is not sold but simply invested in such a way as to facilitate a lump sum payment to the investor.